Our Approach.

Structured and goal oriented

We plan, design, and develop modern responsive WordPress websites that help you grow in the digital world. Our multidisciplinary team is consists of digital experts. We experiment and measure for better results and adapt to your situation.

Your feedback is gold to us. We work with the Agile Scrum method. It allows you to see results in short sprints, and you will get an end product that you can be proud of.


Set goals

Whether you want to make more sales with a webshop or contribute to society: each goal requires a different solution.

We always start with your story. We will determine who you are, what you stand for, what message do you want to convey to your target audience, etc.

We get to know you better, and we can look at your goal, product, service, and target audience from your perspective.


When your story is clear, we make an inventory of what we already have and what we need.

Do you already have the domain name and hosting? If not, we can always assist you. What kind of content do you already have in texts, photos, videos, etc. And what do we need?

It’s necessary for the functional design, which is the blueprint for your website.

Functional design

That is the building plan for your website. This functional design sets out what and where the elements are placed. You can see the correlation between texts and visuals.

We set up a priority list and corresponding deadlines.

User Experience

User experience (UX) is the interaction between the website and the visitor. We look from the visitor’s perspective. We pay attention to user-friendliness, logic, and accessibility. How does the visitor interact with the website? What kind of feeling did the visitor ultimately have afterward?

Hardly anyone nowadays works with only one screen size. You work on the computer, and sometimes you look something up quickly on the smartphone. The user experience must be consistent on all screen sizes.

 Web design

No boring designs

We understand it very well. You want to convey more than just your message. You want to share something about yourself. A website you can be proud of and want to share with the world. It can’t be a standard boring design. We make it a bit more lively: lightweight animations and elements unique to you.

Content is king

You can have a beautiful website, but what if the content doesn’t match it. It doesn’t help your purpose. That’s how Google also thinks about it. If you want to score well on Google or any other search engine, your content must be topnotch.

 Web development


We develop our website on WordPress. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). You can create and adjust a website with minimal knowledge of coding. It has a relatively low learning curve, it’s user-friendly, and it’s flexible in expanding the website.

Responsive and fast

Everyone is impatient these days. No one wants to wait too long for the website to load. We think so as well. That is why we pay extra attention to the loading speed of the website. Not only speed is crucial, but it must also work well on your smartphone or any other modern device.

Management and maintenance

You have a website up and running, but who’s keeping an eye on it? What about the updates, security, backups, and what if you get hacked? And what happens if you do nothing. Maintaining the website is important when it comes to speed, security, and stability.

Not everyone wants to deal with their website. You have other things to do. We understand that very well. That is why we can do it for you.

Optimize content

Adjust the content of the website, or add new content? You name it: new photos, starting a blog, or even adding a webshop.
Or you want to improve the findability of the website. We will arrange it for you.

Updates, security, and backups

We ensure your website works and continues to work. We carry out stable updates as soon as they are available, 24-hour security, log in with 2FA (two-factor authentication) and create a daily, weekly, or monthly backup.

The frequency of backups depends on your website. If you have a website where a lot is happening, such as a webshop or an active blog, we recommend a daily backup.

Together we will ensure that you stand out from the crowd, bring in more customers and adapt the competition to you.